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I managed to smash together a condensed version of the ORBITOR theme a few weeks ago. The idea is to string a common theme throughout the game much like they do in movies.

ORBITOR's music is based on movie trailer music. The type of heart string pulling, uplifting and epic sounding music they use to get the emotions going within a very short period of time. It's almost manipulative. It's a large part of selling a film these days. Carefully cut parts of a film to a piece of music that stirs emotion regardless of what it has to do with the film.

So I thought I'd apply the same idea throughout our game. The challenge is hitting that mark over the entirety of the game without becoming too repetitive and cheesy. There is definitely some "cheese" in this type of music and it's easy to fall into cliches and unoriginality. But hey, it actually works perfectly for what I'm trying to achieve and the feeling I'm trying to convey.

So pass the cheese please and sit back and enjoy :)



So the web demo has been up for a bit and we have been getting some positive feedback including a recent Playthrough on a Russian site.
We havent explained the scoring system yet so I will give you a quick overview of how it's implemented in the web demo.
- Capturing objects gives you points for the object itself and increments your multiplier combo.

- The amount of points rewarded for each object is affected by your heat, speed and energy levels.

- The faster you are going / the hotter you are / the more energy you have the more points you will receive.

- When you collide with something the combo is broken, the points are multiplied by the multiplier and added to your main score.

- 'Quants' (the glowy red and green things) give you additional points and are also included in the combo equation.

So this is the highest score I've achieved and it's about average for completing the demo in one combo.

The highest score we have seen is from Craig Brown and is very impressive. 

The web demo will be updated with the highscore table soon. Until then, if you get a higher score feel free to screencap it and send it to us, we would love to know. 

- Duncan


Awwdeeyo. Yep yep yep yep yep.

This is one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend. I have the office to myself and everything I need to work on my music. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks kicking out some new jams for ORBITOR and finishing the existing ones. I'm living the dream.

But, have you had that moment? You finally finish building that perfect 'thing' that was going to make all your awesomeness possible and you realise it's now down to you. Well that's where I'm at.

I just realised that my studio is perfect. It's everything I need and have wanted for some time. So if ORBITOR's music sucks I can't use the old "if only I had that other thing it would sound better, or I'd be able to work faster" excuse. Nothing like a bit of pressure to make you perform.

So I better stop blogging and go and be awesome. That's what I'm paying myself for.

- Dale


Kickstarter is GO!

Evil Aliens is happy to announce that our Kickstarter campaign for ORBITOR is live. There have been some long days to get this to going. Many thanks to everyone that helped us to make this happen. 

Ok what are you waiting for, click on the pic and head on over to show us how awesome you are!




Desconstruction - iFest 2012 Presentation