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Awwdeeyo. Yep yep yep yep yep.

This is one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend. I have the office to myself and everything I need to work on my music. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks kicking out some new jams for ORBITOR and finishing the existing ones. I'm living the dream.

But, have you had that moment? You finally finish building that perfect 'thing' that was going to make all your awesomeness possible and you realise it's now down to you. Well that's where I'm at.

I just realised that my studio is perfect. It's everything I need and have wanted for some time. So if ORBITOR's music sucks I can't use the old "if only I had that other thing it would sound better, or I'd be able to work faster" excuse. Nothing like a bit of pressure to make you perform.

So I better stop blogging and go and be awesome. That's what I'm paying myself for.

- Dale


We get around

If you like puzzle games and the like then head on over to http://www.charliedoggames.com/ 

Tony Oakden has been working quietly away on some devious little puzzlers for mobile platforms and web. Tony has been in the industry for some time and worked on some amazing titles and his blogs are definitely worth a read.

One of the Evil Aliens crew was lucky enough to help out on Burble and Burble select. BEST WORD PUZZLE GAMES EVER!

Get over there and play some cool games :)


Pixel Prospector

If your interested in indie game development then head over to Pixel Prospector. We think it's the best resource around. There is so much useful information on the Indie Resource page it's almost a "how to" guide for setting up an indie games company. Simon has obviously spent a great deal of time tracking down the best learning resources and references so we don't have to. It has been very helpful to us. What are you waiting for, go over and give it some love and get your dev on.


QCP goodness

Dale preparing a realtime render of the QCP model ( Quantum Containment Pod ).  Someone get him a coffee, he's looking a little light on.