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Spreading the love

A while ago I wrote a short bit of music for fellow indie dev company Level Machine for their WIP Blastronauts. It's a fun 4 player competitive shoot em' up.

Even though it sounds a little like a theme song for a tv show about Rednecks tearing around in a pick up truck shooting things I think it suited the game perfectly. Maybe I'll do an 8 bit version to suit the retro style of the game.

I've just re-mixed and added a piano ending for Finn to use as the new intro music for his youtube channel. Finn puts up playthroughs and gives his opinion on any games that takes his interest. 

So break out the hunting rifles, dynamite and 4x4's and go blow some shit up!



Packing parachutes.

So earlier this week, we got out of the office, to escape our computers, to get some fresh air and chill in the sun. And we let Dale, show us how to pack a parachute. As some of you might know Dale has jumped out of a plane over 700 times, he used to be a weekend skydiving tandem master. Now he is a full time indie game developer making sweet ass games and pulling all the babes.