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Variations on a theme

Here is the first variation for the ORBITOR main theme music. The idea is to maintain a few very recognisable themes/motifs throughout the game. I've decided to keep the initial versions fairly short so I can get through as many variations as possible and have a large list to choose from and expand upon later.

I have to say I'm really enjoying the whole movie trailer style of music I've chosen for the core of the game's score. I'm having a lot of fun trying to nail that "inspirational" vibe that crafty trailer makers use to invoke emotions in a very short period. It's easy to get inspiration to write it that's for sure. There are so many trailers out there that use the kind of uplifting, motivational feel I'm going for. It's also used on a lot of "greatest moments in life" mashups/montages on tv, particularly for sport.



Kickstarter is GO!

Evil Aliens is happy to announce that our Kickstarter campaign for ORBITOR is live. There have been some long days to get this to going. Many thanks to everyone that helped us to make this happen. 

Ok what are you waiting for, click on the pic and head on over to show us how awesome you are!





The Unity developer conference - UNITE 2012 is on! Unfortunately we were unable to get to Amsterdam to attend.

But, to our complete surprise, the ORBITOR trailer was briefly featured in the keynote presented by Unity CEO David Helgason. Thanks to http://tsumea.com/ for tweeting about it and letting us know.

Such a small thing, but it means a lot to us. One more awesome brick, in the wall of reasons to continue :) I don't even know if that makes sense, but I do know, it was a good day for the Evil Aliens team. Swish.


Hello world

It's taken us sometime to start blogging. It was always something we were getting to but never actually doing. It starts today.

Say hello to our mascot WIP. The very talented Mr Adam Ball has been nice enough to create us an unique high-poly game character to represent our indie company. We're a games company. We think all of our presented material should be in realtime. So when you fire up our games you should be greeted with an in-engine intro animation. When you see a trailer it's in-engine footage. Even our artwork, poster and marketing material will be generated from realtime content. Should be fun to create.

This screen is taken directly from Unity 3.5 using Megagrab, a super awesome add-on from Chris West that allows you to take screen grabs from in editor/build and increase the resolution to ridiculous sizes. Great for marketing, posters and realtime screenshots.

More info here:


Ok. 1 post - 1 plug. Doing well.

Stay tuned for updates, dev talk and general banter.

Peace out!

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