QCP goodness

Dale preparing a realtime render of the QCP model ( Quantum Containment Pod ).  Someone get him a coffee, he's looking a little light on.


Top secret

We had a while before the Save Point guys were due to show up so we started doodling ORBITOR stuff all over the walls. Here's Adam recreating his design, well, we could tell you but then we would have to kill you.


Save Point

David and Maddison from Save Point dropped by to interview us for a future episode. Really nice people, it was great to hang out with them and we had a lot of fun. They're the ones in the snow jackets. Apparently Canberra is bit cold for them.

Keep an eye out for the episode. We talk about ORBITOR and the Incubator we're involved in and should be airing in a few weeks.


Hello world

It's taken us sometime to start blogging. It was always something we were getting to but never actually doing. It starts today.

Say hello to our mascot WIP. The very talented Mr Adam Ball has been nice enough to create us an unique high-poly game character to represent our indie company. We're a games company. We think all of our presented material should be in realtime. So when you fire up our games you should be greeted with an in-engine intro animation. When you see a trailer it's in-engine footage. Even our artwork, poster and marketing material will be generated from realtime content. Should be fun to create.

This screen is taken directly from Unity 3.5 using Megagrab, a super awesome add-on from Chris West that allows you to take screen grabs from in editor/build and increase the resolution to ridiculous sizes. Great for marketing, posters and realtime screenshots.

More info here:

Ok. 1 post - 1 plug. Doing well.

Stay tuned for updates, dev talk and general banter.

Peace out!

Dale - Evil Alien Alpha

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