Mission Clouds

So not too long ago. I was given the job to create clouds for ORBITOR, or rather research and find the best possible way to make the sexist looking clouds ever. So after much research and other shenanigans I have below some interesting links for all your cloud-aholics out there. 

First off!
This really simple script helps you make realistic clouds in Maya. Only a few buttons clicks and in no time you will have some pretty sweet looking realistic clouds. I highly recommend to go and check out his other stuff, its really good. 

emfxClouds - Cloud Generator 1.0.0 (Maya Script)

Maya Fluid Clouds HD from Emmanuel Mouillet on Vimeo.

If your interested in this script and what to give it a shot, check out the link below

(Link to Creativecrash download) 

Awesome cloud books, for reference

Its all good and all to have a computer to generate the clouds, but the artist needs to understand how clouds work, he/she needs to know them inside and out (Study them). So best advice is either go outside and take lots of reference photos or go online and find someone that has already done all the hard work for you. I wouldn't recommend using Google images as your only main source on the internet for finding reference images. I highly recommend finding published books about clouds. The images in the books are copyrighted to the book, and will generally not turn up in image search engines on the internet. So you could find a few hidden gems in there.

Below are 2 books I purchased earlier this year. 

Extraordinary Clouds - Skies of the unexpected from the beautiful to the bizarre
Richard Hamblyn 
This little small book is full of strange bizarre clouds, that is perfect for reference. It also goes in depth about how they were created/formed.

The Book of Clouds
John A. Day
The printing quality and resolution of the images in this book are not that great as you will expect from a book that is a little bit smaller than an A4 piece of paper. However the giant two page spreads is basically what sold it for me and the little blurbs next to each image giving some information behind the cloud.

Some time in the near future I will post up a tutorial on how to make some sweet looking clouds or have a behind the scenes break down of an already created one.

- Finn out.


Awwdeeyo. Yep yep yep yep yep.

This is one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend. I have the office to myself and everything I need to work on my music. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks kicking out some new jams for ORBITOR and finishing the existing ones. I'm living the dream.

But, have you had that moment? You finally finish building that perfect 'thing' that was going to make all your awesomeness possible and you realise it's now down to you. Well that's where I'm at.

I just realised that my studio is perfect. It's everything I need and have wanted for some time. So if ORBITOR's music sucks I can't use the old "if only I had that other thing it would sound better, or I'd be able to work faster" excuse. Nothing like a bit of pressure to make you perform.

So I better stop blogging and go and be awesome. That's what I'm paying myself for.

- Dale


We get around

If you like puzzle games and the like then head on over to 

Tony Oakden has been working quietly away on some devious little puzzlers for mobile platforms and web. Tony has been in the industry for some time and worked on some amazing titles and his blogs are definitely worth a read.

One of the Evil Aliens crew was lucky enough to help out on Burble and Burble select. BEST WORD PUZZLE GAMES EVER!

Get over there and play some cool games :)


Sydney EB expo & playable demo  

The last 2 weeks have been quite crazy for the Evil Aliens team, we made an appearance at EB Expo late last week. The ORBITOR demo we showed off got a great response. We also got to meet a few fans and meet some kickstarter backers throughout the weekend too. We had a really good time showing our game off to Australia’s gaming community and really appreciate all the people who came over to say hello and gave the game a try. EB Expo is definitely going to be on our list next year.
We have uploaded a playable webdemo of ORBITOR on our website.
Its only a mechanics demo, so not the full game. Its basic purpose is to give you guys the chance to mess around with the game mechanics and get a feel for the controls. 

You have also got to keep in mind that it is still an alpha build and might have a few bugs here and there, we will try to fix them as they come up so if you encounter something please let us know.
Because it is a web build, performance isn’t particularly good. We are looking into building a downloadable version asap. 

So stop reading this blog post and get your ORBITOR on. 
Play it at


Pixel Prospector

If your interested in indie game development then head over to Pixel Prospector. We think it's the best resource around. There is so much useful information on the Indie Resource page it's almost a "how to" guide for setting up an indie games company. Simon has obviously spent a great deal of time tracking down the best learning resources and references so we don't have to. It has been very helpful to us. What are you waiting for, go over and give it some love and get your dev on.