Evil Aliens is an independent games developer based in Canberra, Australia.



Dale is lead designer, artist, sound designer and resident musician for Evil Aliens. He's been a musician/composer for over 20 years and is currently teaching game design and 3d art at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Canberra. Although he's currently not an active weekend meatbomb, he dreams of blue sky and is a recovering cloud-aholic. 

Interesting fact: Dale has logged approximately 700 skydives, most of which were successful.

Duncan is Evil Aliens' lead gameplay programmer and a programming teacher at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment. His special ability is smashing together code like he's forging a warhammer. This is only outdone by his stoic fortitude in the harshest of game development conditions. Namely, having an artist as lead designer.

Interesting fact: Keeping Duncan happy is easy. Just give him a game where you play as a fish eating other fish.